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WS020 Portable EV Charger (10/15/16A Adjustable, Single Phase, 3.6KW) With 17FT/5.2M Cable, SAE J1772 Connector and NEMA 6-20 Plug

  • Model: WS020
  • Current: 10/15/16A switchable
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Voltage: 220V-240V AC
  • Power: 3.6KW
  • Connector: SAE J1772
  • Plug: NEMA 6-20
  • Working Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Cable Length: 4M Cable + 1.2M Plug
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    WS020 Portable EV Charger (1) WS020 Portable EV Charger (2) WS020 Portable EV Charger (3)WS020 Portable EV Charger (3)

    10A/15A/16A ADJUSTABLE

    This level 2 EV charger can be adjusted to a suitable current according to your need or home circuit. Please make sure you have the suitable outlet (NEMA 6-20).

    WS020 Portable EV Charger (5)


    A level 2 charger when in a NEMA 6-20 outlet. A level 1 charger when with a NEMA 5-15 adapter and a NEMA 5-15 outlet. NOTE: If you use it in a general NEMA 5-15 outlet, please remember to adjust the charging current to 10A to avoid a short circuit.

    WS020 Portable EV Charger (6)


    CE&FCC certificated. Also, this smart EVSE detects the whole charging progress, provides 8 protections, including Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overload, Short Circuit, Leakage, Ground Fault, Over-temperature and Lightning.


    TPU cable and ABS plastic box, features an easily grip handle with a rubber cover on top to help keep out water and dirt. Perfect design as a portable charger.

    WS020 Portable EV Charger (7)


    WS020 Portable EV Charger (8)


    WS020 Portable EV Charger (9)


    Do not connect the circuit by yourself without professional guidance.
    Do not use the charger when the inside of the plug is wet.
    Do not install the charger by yourself before reading the instructions.
    Do not use the charger for other purposes except for electric car charging.
    Do not try to disassemble the device by yourself under any circumstances, this may cause damage to
    the internal precision parts, and you will not be able to enjoy after-sales service.

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