WB20 Type 2 Plug Electric Vehicle AC Charger – RFID Version-22kw-32A

• This is a wall-mount charger mainly suitable for residential areas. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and has a complete protection mechanism.The LCD touch screen is able to show the detailed charging status and can be operated directly
• Applicable to a variety of scenarios: residential areas, shopping malls and workplaces

  • Model: WB20
  • Max. output current: 32A
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC, UKCA
  • Power: 22KW
  • Charging interface type: IEC 62196-2
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     Temperature Monitoring

    Monitor the working temperature of the charger at all times.
    Once the safe temperature is exceeded, the charger will stop working immediately, and the charging
    system can be auto-resumed when the temperature returns to normal.

    The Chip Automatically Repairs Faults

    The smart chip can automatically repair common charging mistakes to ensure the stable operation of
    the production.


    Durable and anticorrosion
    Easy to bend
    Resistance to cold/high temperature
    Long service life

    STAND (optional)

    The product has a supporting stand, which is easy for installation and outdoor use without the walls.
    The stand has 2 models, single-side & double side.

    Technical Parameters

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    Do not connect the circuit by yourself without professional guidance.
    Do not use the charger when the inside of the plug is wet.
    Do not install the charger by yourself before reading the instructions.
    Do not use the charger for other purposes except for electric car charging.
    Do not try to disassemble the device by yourself under any circumstances, this may cause damage to
    the internal precision parts, and you will not be able to enjoy after-sales service.

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