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Ev charger cable type 2


Type 2 Cable in Electric Vehicle Charging

You will start seeing more Electric Vehicles (EVs) in your area. You simply need wissenergy зарядное устройство типа 2 EV to charge these contemporary vehicles in no time! This cable serves as an important bridge to good charging between your power source and the EV.

Simple and Reliable Charging

It is a user-friendly and robust Type 2 cable. For instance boasts rapid charging which will take you to 80 percent over a seven-pin plug in an hour. FURTHERMORE, THE wissenergy ev type 2 charging cable FEATURES A RUGGED OUTER JACKET AND WEATHER-RESISTANT MATERIALS FOR DURABLE CHARGING PERFORMANCE YEAR-ROUND AT HOME AND ON-THE-GO. It is also an entirely round plug that can be connected and disconnected without needing to worry about which way it goes in.


Why choose wissenergy Ev charger cable type 2?

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