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EV Portable Charger

Portable EV charger usually refers to Mode 2 charging cable, which plugs into a standard household AC outlet and includes necessary safety features in its in-cable control box. The meaning of a portable EV charger is you can bring it everywhere, free from the trouble of building a charging station, and all you need to do is choose the right type of plug and socket.

We provide 2.3kW~8.8kW portable EV chargers with Type 1/Type 2 connector (which intends to be compatible with the Type1/Type 2 inlet on your electric vehicle) at one end and several kinds of sockets (including SCHUKO/CEE/UK three-pin plug/New Zealand yellow plug/NEMA) at the other.

It has passed IP66 and IK10 certifications. The current can be switchable. You may customize the cable length, color, logo, the packaging box, sticker, tag or any other related aspects as long as MOQ is reached.