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  • Government focus on NEVs switches from production to use

    The phrase “new energy vehicles”, which has been repeated in the Government Work Report over the past seven years, did not appear in the report delivered at this year’s annual two sessions, which concluded on Thursday. That does not mean, however, that the sector is losing Chine...
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  • US electric car startup Lucid to build plant in China around 2025

    Lucid Motors, an electric startup based in California, said it is planning to set up production facilities in overseas markets including China around 2025. “Mid-decade, we plan to have plants in the Middle East and China, as well,” CEO Peter Rawlinson said in an CNBC interview on Wedn...
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  • California urged to take a ride with China EV players

    California, a pioneer in the push for electric vehicles, can work with China-a giant market with strong manufacturing capabilities-to move the industry forward, industry figures said. “There are a lot of collaboration opportunities if you want to move this (EV industry) forward to the goa...
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  • EV Charging Stations: a Game-Changer for Commercial Real Estate Players

    With Tesla lowering the prices for its cheapest electric vehicle, the Model 3, even further, and all major automakers investing deeply in EVs, the ever-increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the United States are only going to increase even further in the coming months. And for the growing p...
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  • Why EV Charging Stations Are a Must-Have for Small Businesses?

    Put yourself in the shoes of an electric vehicle driver and think: If you needed a place to stay for the night, would you a prefer a small B&B that offers an EV charging station to its guests or the swanky big chain hotel next door which does not have this facility? It’s a no-brainer, i...
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  • How Residential Condos Can Stay Ahead of the Curve with EV Charging Stations?

    Multifamily or residential condominium owners are always looking for ways to add value to their communities. After all, customer satisfaction is paramount in this industry. But one important trend that not many multifamily building investors have picked up on is that of electric car sales. The la...
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