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Why EV Charging Stations Are a Must-Have for Small Businesses?

Put yourself in the shoes of an electric vehicle driver and think: If you needed a place to stay for the night, would you a prefer a small B&B that offers an EV charging station to its guests or the swanky big chain hotel next door which does not have this facility? It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? But if hypotheticals are not your jam, let’s take a real-life example.

New Jersey-based restaurant owner Tom Moloughney has EV charging stations that his patrons can use while they enjoy a meal at his outlet. And not surprisingly, in a recent interview with NJBIZ business journal, Moloughney admitted that many of his regulars are EV drivers. “Dozens of people coming here for business meals or for pleasure have told me that their phone apps show the locations of EV charging stations, and they decide to enjoy a meal while they charge their vehicle. It happens all the time.”

And let’s not forget that when EV drivers are charging their vehicles, they tend to linger inside the business premises longer and spend more money in the process! This process is augmented further if the charging station comes equipped with an option to display catchy advertisements – like EV Meter Level 2 charging station.

Across the United States, many small businesses owners like Moloughney are realizing that EV charging stations are providing them with an unparalleled competitive edge over big brands — and it’s not just because having an EV charging station on the premises automatically attracts EV drivers to the business.

When a small business equips itself with an EV charging station, it shows its customers that it is environmentally-conscious and is doing what it can to reduce its carbon footprint. This simple act can add a whole new set of customers to the business’ kitty: people who do believe that climate change is real.

Once you take into account the revenue which a small business can earn from these new and loyal customers and couple it with the rebates provided by governments to support electric mobility, the picture becomes crystal clear: In this competitive economic landscape, EV charging stations are a must-have for small businesses.

Post time: Feb-22-2022