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Road Getting Bumpy for Electric Cars Amid Europe’s Energy Crisis

But the faint green light in the darkness still gives great hope

Road Getting Bumpy for Electric Cars Amid Europe's Energy Crisis

Since 2022, due to the continuous effects of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, European countries have experienced a serious energy crisis. Many countries have been troubled by the large demand for energy in life and production, and want to reduce the need for traditional energy through energy transformation and upgrading. At the same time, they are also vigorously advocating energy saving and reducing energy use. 

Hence, under the influence of the Russia-Ukraine war, this winter, Europe, which relies on the “shared power grid”, may face a severe power crisis. British Reuters reported on December 4 that French President Macron called on residents to reduce energy use and restart nuclear power plants to prevent blackouts. According to the British Financial Times report, the next few months and years, the European grid will face the most serious test ever. Since the 1990s, European countries have shared more than 15% of their electricity through cross-border cables, making Europe the most interdependent region in electricity, but the shared grid system may collapse this winter due to geopolitical conflicts.

With such a severe external environment, the originally high-growth electric vehicle industry inevitably is affected.

Recently, German media reported that affected by the energy crisis, Switzerland may ban the use of electric vehicles except for “absolutely necessary trips”. That is to say, electric vehicles will be restricted from traveling, and “don’t go on the road unless necessary”, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Swiss electric vehicle market, and Switzerland will also become the first country in the world to restrict the use of electric vehicles.

In addition, it has been revealed that Switzerland is not the only country considering restrictions on electric vehicles. Germany, which is also in the vortex of the energy crisis, may also impose restrictions on electric vehicle charging.

In the critical period when European car companies are generally implementing electrification transformation, the actions of Switzerland and Germany are unfavorable news for the electric vehicle market. The dual carbon targets and the energy crisis have become the biggest obstacle to the development of the European electric vehicle industry.

However, after the publication of the draft of “banning electric vehicles” in Switzerland, the Swiss Automobile Association clearly expressed its opposition: after the announcement of the relevant plan terms in December, they will vote against all driving bans on electric vehicles.

According to the data, the electricity demand of electric vehicles in Switzerland will only account for 0.4% of the total demand in 2021. This ratio shows that restricting the use of electric vehicles in Switzerland is not enough to alleviate the shortage of power supply. Switzerland’s power structure needs to achieve a minimum level of self-sufficiency if the country wants to get rid of the power shortage.

On the whole, though, global electric car sales Oct. 2022 up 55% YoY to 16% share. China sales up 75% YoY to 31% share. Europe up 14% YoY to 23% share. U.S. ~6% share. Europe is still the main market for the development of electric vehicles. Temporary policy adjustments are just a measure trying to solve the current issue. Because at the same time, some other European countries, such as Slovakia and France, are still in the process of subsidizing electric vehicles and investing in infrastructure in an orderly manner. And the distant China has become the electric vehicle market that is rising strongly after Europe.

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Post time: Dec-12-2022