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New Energy Trucks: Helpful or Run-Of-The-Mill?

When new energy trucks and logistic vehicles seem to have promised of great potential as new energy commercial vehicles continue to soar to reach 197,000 in 2021 with a YoY increase of 51.4%, interesting videos went viral on the Internet in which a man yelling “don’t buy this!” to a crowd of people while desperately looking at his commercial EV truck that stopped in the middle of the road even with its electricity half-full. People commented that EV is not for trucks, or that EV is not a good choice for anyone at all.

This so-called “love-hate relationship” for EV trucks is not new. Some questioned its battery life while others questioned its practicality with its heavy weight and its carrying less cargo. Meanwhile, people say as a pollution-free vehicle, EV trucks grant unlimited travel and has a low cost of use, which is interesting to many enterprises. In one word, EV truck as a new trend is inviting a thorough performance evaluation.

China Auto News interviewed a few people who drives EV trucks. Zhang who drives a “pure electric refrigerated light truck” from Hebei to Beijing for half a year said that the truck’s cruising mileage hasn’t changed much since the beginning. Zhang sets off from Hebei at 10 in the evening and load the goods in the warehouse, then set off to Beijing at 11 and return to Hebei after his businesses. The trip is 150 kilometers and for every trip the electricity is sufficient, but its acceleration time and distance are lower than those of a fuel light truck.

For a full charge, this car costs 50 yuan for 200 kilometers while a gas car cost 100 yuan.

Zhu Chengjie is the owner of an EV truck who operated the vehicle in Beijing and he holds a different view. He said that while driving an EV truck, people are “afraid of being thrown halfway.” To improve this situation, he thinks it is vital to add more charging piles along the way. He sold the vehicle and left Beijing for hometown soon.

Chen Yazhong, secretary-general of the Beijing Agricultural Products Circulation Association brings hydrogen energy vehicles to the picture. EV trucks’ disadvantages are seriously curbing their development, he said. Vice president of China Railway Logistics Gao Weizhi said that people are still evaluating EV truck’s long-distance performance, given the fact that they run with heavy load.

New energy trucks are a special favorite to urban distribution workers. As transportation operations can only be carried out outside the city and the work requiring uploading into the city can only be carried out at night, new energy trucks, with their green license plates making them exempted from city restrictions of right of way, enjoys this favorable policy as, as secretary general of the Chengdu New Energy Vehicle Industry Promotion and Application Promotion Association Fan Yongjun put it, a “strong guarantee” for its development. The logistics director of Shounong Group Feng Shaotong, on the other hand, stresses that EV truck companies should take technological improvement as their priority, especially the vehicles’ waterproofness and safety issues.

Post time: Apr-01-2022