Finland EV Market News

Electreon enters the Finnish market through its cooperation with local infrastructure service provider Destia. The Israeli company specializes in inductive EV charging businesses.

Charging Station News

eMabler, an EV charging startup, and virtual power plant provider Fusebox collaborated to use EV charging, in which energy costs will be reduced and EV charging station owners will contribute to a more sustainable environment.

S-Group is expanding its charging stations across Finland, based on the forecast of the electrification of cars there. According to Tom von Bonsdorff, Director of K-Charge, the K-Group, with its Finland’s largest fast-charging system, plan to install 20 new stations with basic, fast, and hypercharging this year. Other charging companies such as Virta and Recharge Finland are also growing quickly.

EV Subsidy Policy

Buyer or long-term lessee of a new EV can receive EUR 2,000 in central government purchase subsidy.

EV Market Quotations

Similar to Spain, Finland has abundant reserves and resources of lithium, the metal required for EV manufacturing.

In 2021, there were reportedly 22,892 BEVs and 77,045 plug-in HEVs in Finland, witnessing a significant raise over the past decade.

Charger Brands

Kempower, Electreon (partnered with Destia, largest infrastructure service company/leading provider of charging infrastructure service in Finland, for wireless charging)

Post time: Mar-28-2022

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