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Everything You Need to Know about the Portable EV Charger

Wissenergy released its brand-new upgraded portable EV charger WS045



Photo by Wissenergy: https://www.wissenergy.com/ 

According to Electric For All, these days, most electric cars come with a 120-volt level 1 portable charger. Does that mean EV drivers will no longer need to suffer from range anxiety? Is it enough to satisfy all their EV charging needs with that single one portable charger?

The answers are really not that simple. To begin with, you may need to learn about what the level 1 means in the first sentence.

When we talk about EV charging, we cover terms like different charging modes and charging levels. The mode reflects how the EVSE connects to the electrical grid, and the level indicates how much electric power is delivered to the vehicle.

For instance, the common EV charging cable plugs into a wall box or charging station for an AC charge, and that makes it the mode 3 cable; the portable EV charger plugs into a standard household AC outlet and includes necessary safety features in its in-cable control box, which makes it the mode 2.

Charging levels are classified even simpler than charging modes. Normally, level 1 AC charging can be done through a standard 120-volt wall plug, which is extremely slow and is typically reserved for home charging during overnight hours. While level 2 AC chargers use 240-volt and are usually found in homes and public charging stations.

Now, we’ll turn back to the beginning again and could see in a easier way where a portable EV charger stands among different charging facilities. And the answer to the second question is for sure a no. It might cost days for a 120-volt level 1 portable charger to get your electric cars fully-charged. In that case, you might really need a few electric vehicles of your own getting charged in sequence to ensure non-stop daily use.   

If you want to erase your range anxiety for EV through a portable EV charger, well, back to the first question, it is truly the right way. The meaning of a portable EV charger is you can bring it everywhere, free from the trouble of building a charging station, and all you need to do is choose the right type of connector and socket.

A 120-volt level 1 portable EV charger may not be enough to help you with the range anxiety, but a 240-volt level 2 portable EV charger could. Wissenergy recently has released its brand-new upgraded portable EV charger WS045, which is exactly a level 2 high-power portable EV charger that can give you more convenient and faster charging experience. The upgraded version enjoys an exclusive exterior design and offers larger AC current options (32A and 40A) than the existing WS020 series.

To be honest, though, no EV charging products could eradicate range anxiety once and for all, not even the DC fast charging facilities that are not included in this article. Range anxiety is an issue involved battery technology, EV charging infrastructure and consumer mentality.

But all in all, choose a portable EV charger will never do any harm, especially a good one.  

Post time: Nov-18-2022