EV Charging Stations: a Game-Changer for Commercial Real Estate Players

With Tesla lowering the prices for its cheapest electric vehicle, the Model 3, even further, and all major automakers investing deeply in EVs, the ever-increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the United States are only going to increase even further in the coming months.

And for the growing population of EV drivers in the country, a robust public charging infrastructure is going to be all the more important because not every EV driver has the space or resources to install a home charger. In such a scenario, commercial real estate owners have a crucial role to play. By installing Level 2 EV charging stations in their properties, they can future-proof their assets.

The ongoing EV revolution means that the next few years will see EV charging stations become an indispensable feature for any property for rent. Just like today you cannot imagine any business renting a space in a building which does not have fast broadband connectivity, in the times to come, availability of Level 2 EV charging stations will become a checkbox every business would want to tick. Therefore, any commercial real estate property not offering EV charging stations on the premises cannot expect to be the first choice for any business whose lease is up for renewal, or for new occupants.

Now, the best part is that, with EV Meter, real estate owners don’t have to worry about the costs associated with an EV charging station. Since they can charge drivers for the service, the stations effectively not only recover their cost, they can become a source of additional revenue for the real estate owners, with unique marketing opportunities. The EV Meter Level 2 charging station comes with an open cashless payment system powered by Nayax allowing an EV driver to pay for the service using a credit card, closed-loop prepaid card, mobile wallet, or QR code easily and conveniently.

Today, real estate aggregators like QuantumListing already give an option to agents and owners to indicate whether the property they are marketing has EV charging facility on the premises. Any real estate player who ignores what is fast becoming an essential metric in real estate site selection is risking being left behind by the competition.

Post time: Feb-22-2022

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