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Denmark EV Market Quotations

EV Market News

Denmark is to have 775,000 EVs by 2030 as it agreed on a deal with parliament to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% that year. Currenly, only 20,000 or so EVs are on Danish roads out of a total of 2.5 million cars there. Tax Minister Morten Boedskov predicted that the average EV will be “significantly cheaper” in years ahead.

Charging Station News

Copenhagen airport is to become Denmark’s largest EV charging station, as it signed an agreement with EWII, the Jutland energy group, to set up 1,350 new EV charging ports at the airport during the next ten years.

EVBox will install 300,000 charging stations for EV across Denmark by 2030. EVBox, partnered with Norlys, Denmark’s largest energy/telecommunications group, announced this deal that includes both the public and private sectors. Norlys will integrate EVBox’ charging stations and Everon, the management software into its product portfolio.

EV Subsidy Policy

The Danish government will set aside 2.5 billion Danish crowns, which is $407.62 million, to enforce the plan to have up to 1 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

EV Market Quotations

In 2015, Denmark was the second largest light-duty, plug-in commercial vehicles/utility vans European market; over 2,600 plug-in vans were sold, which was 8.5%of all vans sold. (Fergusson)

In 2020, there was a new taxation deal reached, which was valid for cars from 2021 to 2030 and of which rates heavily depend on the car’s CO2 emission. In 2021, the “real breakthrough” year for EVs in Denmark 24,917 EVs and 40,464 more plug-in hybrids were sold out of 185,328 new cars. The tax rule would stall the sale of PHEVs.

To respond to Danish government’s plan, Hitachi Energy and fast-charge EV operator Clever partnered up, with the former to provide its e-mesh PowerStore battery energy storage system for a fast-charging EV station pilot that Clever will launch in early 2022 in Køge.

According to news report in November 2021, XPeng would start exporting cars to Denmark starting 2022. According to news report in March 2022, NIO plans to sell EVs in Denmark this year.

Post time: Mar-25-2022