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American Senator Joe Manchin holds reluctant towards EV

As gasoline prices continue to rise globally, many are searching for substitutes for traditional gasoline-driven cars. EV becomes a top choice. However, as Biden promotes his climate change plans, American Senator Joe Manchin is reluctant towards adopting EV as an alternative to traditional cars.
Recently, especially after the declare of the Ukrainian war, many Americans are worried about the supply of gasoline for their cars and began searching for alternatives. US President Joe Biden supports EV as a way to respond to the global climate crisis, but Manchin, holding the key swing vote in the US Senate, was contempt towards the idea of promoting EV.
The centralist Democrat holds that his opinion mainly comes from an insecurity he felt regarding US’s dependence of EV supply from China. In spite of Manchin’s disapproval, according to Edmunds, there was a significant increase in the number of online search of EV and PHEV.
Others are concerned about whether the new global interest of EV is going to last. President of AutoPacific Ed Kim said that this is the “real test.” Kim holds a more practical standpoint. He argues that any measure that can decrease people’s dependence on petroleum is optimistic.
Founder of Atlas Public Policy Nick Nigro supports the idea of transitioning to EV. It is more humanitarian, he argues, to support EV at this point when global geopolitics is at issue and the dependence on oil is somewhat reinforcing war. As to when to take comprehensive measures to completely realize such transition, he said, it is up to consumers and policymakers around the world.

Post time: Mar-23-2022