A Collection of Electric Vehicle Charging Methods

Do you know what the most common way to charge an electric car is?

A Collection of Electric Vehic1

Have you found the best way to charge your electric car at the start of the Lunar New Year? If not, or if you want to upgrade the existing charging scheme, please contact us further.

Here are five ways to charge electric vehicles for your reference.

Conductive charging system

The most common way to charge an electric vehicle is through conduction charging, which transfers electricity from the grid to the electric vehicle via a charging cable. Conduction charging includes four charging modes: connecting to the grid through a standard plug and socket, charging through a charging cable kit with a control box, AC charging station charging and DC charging.

Wissenergy provides three kinds of main EV charging products that are categorized as conduction charging, among which WS020 series is portable charger with control box, WB20 series is AC charging wall box, and MS Series cable is double-ended wire connecting vehicle and charging station.

Wireless power transfer/WPT

The principle of wireless charging is similar to the working principle of transformers, with the primary side on the Base Pad (BP) and the secondary side on the Vehicle Pad (VP). The energy is transmitted through the electromagnetic coupling between the primary and secondary sides. The latest wireless charging technology is already advanced enough to increase efficiency to 90%, only slightly less than conductive charging.

Battery swap system

Battery swap refers to the technology of replacing battery packs of electric vehicles. Instead of charging, the battery can be replaced directly to achieve continuous range. This mode of energy replenishment by separating the car from the battery is called battery swapping mode.

After the early pioneer in this battery swapping mode, Israel’s Better Place, went bankrupt in 2013, the method was gradually given up. Tesla also tried but quickly gave up. In recent years, in China, the battery swapping mode has begun to rise again, tried by Nio, Ningde Times and even Sinopec. But the outlook remains to be seen.

Automatic connection device/ACD

Charging through ACDs is also essentially conductive charging, except that the connection mode changes. This charging mode is mainly applied to the roof charging of electric buses.

Mobile charging robot

The mobile charging robot can automatically find the charging port of the car in the parking lot for charging. This concept of automatic charging by mobile charging robot is also essentially a conduction charging.

The appearance of mobile charging robot provides a new solution for expanding charging parking space. Through the cooperation between charging station and charging robot, the charging station can adopt a relatively small amount of exclusive parking space layout to meet the needs of car owners who need fast and a large amount of replenishment. Other vehicles can be parked in public parking spaces, and the charging robot will actively seek for vehicles to better utilize charging resources and parking resources.

Wissenergy has been, is and will be with you to witness every revolution in electric vehicle charging technology!

Post time: Feb-02-2023

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