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Mode 2 EV Portable Charger (10A 1 phase 2.3KW) with 16ft/5m Type 1/2 connector

Model: WS020 Current: 10A Phase: Single Phase Voltage: 240V AC Power: 2.3KW Plug(EV end): Type 1/2 Plug Working Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ Cable Length: 5m  Or Customized

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Meet IEC 62196-2 EU European standard and SAE J1772 standard.

This product is particularly used for electric vehicle charging, generally called a mode 2 EV charging cable designed to connect house socket and electric car. This product has a unique integrated design and strong structure which can be used outdoor and in rainy days. It could also endure the crushing of a vehicle. The product is equipped with unique temperature monitor system. To ensure the secure operation, it will automatically cut off the charging current when the temperature is over set value. Here are the characteristics of it:

☆ Unique Technology of Display The Charging Status
The unique lightening technology of display enables customers to get the status of charging process easier, no matter during the day or night.

☆ The Chip Automatically Repairs Faults
Smart chip can automatically repair common charging mistakes to ensure stable operation of the proceeding. It could also restart the power to protect the device from stopping charge caused by voltage fluctuation.

☆ Complete Certification
The product has passed all relevant certifications in Europe and North America, ensuring that the product can be sold and used with confidence.

☆ Harsh Environments Resistance
More resistant to cold and heat environments. The elasticity and flexibility of the cable can still be maintained even it is used at -40℃. So it will not be stiff and hard to use in winter.It can be used for both indoors and outdoors. Cables and plugs have strong robustness, making it durable and reliable in all conditions including rainy and snowy days.

☆ TPU Cable
Material is more resistant to bending and more durable. TPU material can well protect the internal wiring harness to work normally under repeated bending conditions, ensuring a longer service life of the equipment.

☆ High Compatibility
Fully compatible with all Electric Vehicles in the market.

☆ Better Conductivity
The silver plating on the pins makes better conductivity, makes charging more efficient, and sharply reduces heat generation.

☆ Ergonomic Design
The body design of the plug has a small angle horizontal bending. It conforms with the habit of manual force and makes it more convenient to use.


The charging cable is only for EV charging using.
Don't use the device when the cable is damaged.

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