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EV Cable (16A 1 phase 3.6KW) with 16ft/5m Type 2 Female to Male Extension Cable

Model: WS001

Current: 16A

Phase: Single Phase

Voltage: 240V AC

Power: 3.6KW

Plug(EV end): Type 2 Plug

Working Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃

Cable Length: 5m/8m Or Customized

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Meet IEC 62196-2(Menneks,Type 2)EU European standard

This product is particularly used for electric vehicle charging, generally called a mode 3 EV charging cable designed to connect EV charger and electric car. This product has a unique integrated design and strong structure which can be used outdoor and in rainy days. It could also endure the crushing of a vehicle. The product is equipped with unique temperature monitor system. To ensure the secure operation, it will automatically cut off the charging current when the temperature is over set value. Here are the characteristics of it:

Meet the newest EN standard and request of EV cable.

☆ Unique Technology of Lightening
Plug with unique technology of lightening makes it easier to find in the darkness.

☆ Better Conductivity
The silver plating on the pins makes better conductivity, makes charging more efficient, and largely reduces heat generation.

☆ Temperature Monitoring
The monitor system on plug is sensitive to temperature changes. If it detects the temperature is higher than the set safe value, current will be automatically cut off.

☆ Easy Operation
It is simple and portable, making charging EV just like charging your mobile phone. You can charge your EV wherever and whenever.

☆ Pressure Resistant
It can be withstand the weight of a car.

☆ Certification: CE

☆ Protection Grade: IP66

☆ Impact Protection: IK10

Below services are provided:
Sample can be provided
Warranty: 2 years


The charging cable is only for EV charging using.
Don't submerge the charging cable in water.

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