Moter Lock is mainly to meet the needs of users to prevent the charging cable from being stolen and the charging process from being disconnected or interrupted. The main customer groups are electric vehicle enterprises and electric vehicle charging station enterprises.

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Rated voltage: 12VDC

Vorlage range: 10.5 to 13.5 VDC

Idling current : ≤200mA

Maximum current:650ma

Thermal overload protection: Not available

Locking lever retention force: ≥ 80N

Locking lever breaking force: ≥00N

Functional angle: ≤90'

Response time: ≤2100ms

maximum power on time: 35

(No long-time conduction)

Movement time:< 300ms

Operating temperature: -40T85

Electronic lifecycles: ≥3E4 cycles

Insulation strength: DCS00V 1MΩ

IP rating: IEC IP54

Single power on time: DC12V 0.25<t<15

Operating duty cycle: DC12V ON: OF = 0.15: 35

Manual unlocking pull: ≤5N {Maximum allowable value)

Manual unlock lifecycles: ≥ 3E3 cycles

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