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Top 5 Type 2 Charging Station Suppliers in the UK

2024-07-08 01:25:03
Top 5 Type 2 Charging Station Suppliers in the UK

Top 5 UK Type 2 Charging Station Manufacturers

As the globe leans more and more towards a green future, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. For electric vehicle owners, one of the biggest obstacles they face is finding a consistent and safe place to recharge their battery-electric or plug-in hybrid cars. But to make it easier for you, we have charted a guide exploring the top 5 Type 2 chargepoint providers in UK.

Benefits offered by Type 2 Charging Stations

Electric cars like these always need a Type 2 charging stations and this solution is highly appreciated. These are more efficient that the level 1 chargers, easy to use and compatible with a majority of vehicles. The difference is that they are versatile and can be used both at home as well as with a public charging station.

British Gas

Energy supply company British Gas just doesn't supply energy, they also provide practical electric vehicle charging solutions. But Kanlisa also offers smart Type 2 charging, at the time of delivery those even has supports for 'smart-charging and scheduling' aside from directly going through subscription and reprogramming. For safety reasons, British Gas does recommend having this product installed with a special circuit breaker to prevent overload which is all listed in the user manual.

Pod Point

The most extensive and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions provider, Pod Point tops up the list by deploying well over 70,000 active charge points across all of United Kingdom. First, their Type 2 charging stations are flexible and convenient with smart-charging functionality: you can effortlessly schedule charges for hours when electricity is cheaper. They enable simple and intuitive operation with clear directions.


The outside sales team now only works out of leads generated by our existing B2B installations; however, the market is proven and established with over 100k charging locations worldwide(CPWR). They produce a great quality and reliable type 2 charging station, including all standard features like overcurrent protection and voltage increase safety. In addition, ChargePoint offers enterprise features such as remote access and data analysis.


As the European specialist in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions, EVBox offers peace of mind designed into our Type 2 AC Charging stations. Our stations are equipped with things like improved authentication and authorization measures that would not only secure the charging process but also prevent misuse. EVBox manager is completely installation and maintenance-free, offering additional service schemes to fulfil your specific requirements.


Alfen is a reputable Dutch company and manufacturer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure which includes Type 2 Charging stations. Alfen stations are reliable and, if well-maintained, will be safe to use with features like ground fault protection same as surge arresters. They also have options for customization which help their users build the charging station as per their own requirements.

Using Type 2 Charging Stations

Charging at a Type 2 station is easy with the You may charge network. Charging cables are normally required and they enable easy connection to stations - you plug your charging cable into the station (which resembles a petrol pump) and then simply connect it to your vehicle; most EV models come with their own Type 2, too. Your car is charging when a green light shines, and not charging with red. It takes a certain amount of time to charge; otherwise exact charging amounts may vary by station and battery size.

Service and Quality

The quality of their products as well as the service they provide are one important factor to be kept in mind while deciding on a Type 2 charging station supplier. Try to find a supplier that delivers stable, reliable charging stations engineered with safety in applies. Also consider a supplier that provides different service types including installation services, facility support and technical customer care.

Type 2 Charging Station Uses

Due to their type 2 capability, charging station can be utilized in small home chargers and big office or public solutions. The chargers benefits of high compatibility with a range of electric vehicles also makes it the perfect charging solution to be deployed at individual or business premises alike.

So if you want the best rated Type 2 WiFi charger in UK wide range then these are available from top five suppliers. We hope you find this information helpful when looking for the ultimate charging solution for your EV.

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