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7kw home charger

The 7kw home charger: Charging Ahead

Invention; comprehending the 7kw home charger. 

This product is a game-changer. It charges an electric car in hours, not days or weeks like other chargers do. The wissenergy 7kw home charger is also extremely simple and environmentally friendly so anyone can use it without any issues whatsoever. This wall mounted device can be installed at your house meaning you will always have somewhere convenient to charge your electric vehicle which is especially useful if there aren’t many charging stations around where you live. Furthermore, because this device lowers the carbon footprint caused by petrol cars we are all encouraged to use them instead. 


Advantages: Why should I choose the 7kw home charger?

You may be asking yourself what sets this apart from all the other chargers on the market? Firstly, simplicity; easy for anyone who owns a home or even rents one too because you can simply plug it in overnight and wake up with a full battery! That’s right – no more waiting around for hours on end just twiddling your thumbs until something happens like before. Secondly safety; built into each one of these wissenergy level 2 charging station are features such as surge protection which stops overcharging ever happening again! Finally cost effectiveness; A lot cheaper than having petrol delivered every week don’t you think? You could save so much money over time by using one of these instead. 


Why choose wissenergy 7kw home charger?

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