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7kw electric car charger

Even better, if you already have a 7kW charger; making that little upgrade will keep more money in your pocket and less time wasted at rest stops. Why a 7 kW upgrade makes sense? 

Fast Charging: Fully charge your EV within 6 Hours using a (7 kW) Home Charger. However the factlevel 2 electric car charger from wissenergy takes a long time to charge makes your car unusable for most of that day, which can be pretty inconvenient.


7 kW chargers have smart features that adjust the charging current so you can schedule your charge time on dependent of energy requirements and usage with type 2 electric car charger by wissenergy. 

Simple and Inexpensive: Preparing a home to charge at 7 kW is easy and relatively inexpensive, which means more miles on electricity and less reliance on gas or diesel for cleaner air.

Why choose wissenergy 7kw electric car charger?

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