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WISSENERGY is a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. Operating in over 150 countries, we strive to provide safe, convenient, and fast charging solutions for electric vehicle owners worldwide.

With extensive market experience and technological expertise, we have recently launched our seventh-generation products.

Additionally, we offer professional ODM customization services, catering to 27 global brands across the entire industry chain, including appearance design, R&D, mold unloading, production, certification, and assembly. Our efficient logistics and distribution ensure a seamless door-to-door experience for our customers.

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Who We Are
  • WB20 MODE C Electric Vehicle AC Charger Series – APP Version-11kw-16A
  • WISSENERGY Level 2 EV Charger 16 Amp 400V Portable Electric Car Charger With 5 Meter Cable, IEC 62196-2 Connecter, CEE Plug
  • WISSENERGY Level 2 EV Charger 40 Amp 220V-240V Portable Electric Car Charger With 25FT Cable, SAE J1772 Connecter, NEMA 14-50 Plug

Exploring New Technologies for Enhanced Charging Performance


Expanding Manufacturing Capacity for EV Market

What makes WISSENERGY the ideal choice?

At WISSENERGY, we are proud of our employees. Our employees' passion for electric vehicles unites them as they are assigned to different teams based on their specialized expertise, resulting in our current versatile workforce.

At WISSENERGY, our common goal is to manufacture user-friendly charging stations for households worldwide. Our design and R&D teams collaborate closely to achieve this goal, introducing a new lineup of charging products to the market each year.

Customers enjoy a better user experience with improved appearance design, diversified functions, and installation details, making vehicle charging a more engaging experience.


At Wissenergy, we are proud of our achievements in the development of innovative and cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solutions. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to create smarter and more efficient charging systems. Our products have received numerous certifications and awards, making us one of the leading providers in the global market.

  • 1.CE--WS001;WS002;WS003;WS004;WS007;WS008
  • 2.CE--WS020
  • 3.FCC--WS020
  • 4.CE--WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20A-7.2KW;WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20-7.2KW;WB20A-3.6KW-RFID;WB20A-3.6KW;WB20-3.6KW-RFID;WB20-3.6KW
  • 5.UKCA--WB20-22KW;WB20A-22KW;WB20-11KW;WB20A-11KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20-11-APP;WB20A-11KW-RFID
  • 6.FCC--WB20-RFID;WB20-APP;WB20-32A;WB20-40A
  • 7.CE--WB20A-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20A-22KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20-22KW-RFID;WB20-22KW;WB20A-11KW-APP,WB20A-11KW-RFID;WB20A-11KW;WB20-11KW-APP;WB20-11KW-RFID;WB20-11KW

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