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We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing EV chargers that are safer, more efficient and more stable.

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Why choose WISSENERGY ?

We are committed to redefining how we power our vehicles and offering the best EV charging experiences for all.

about us

Wissenergy is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, investing heavily in R&D to create greener solutions with cutting-edge technologies. We have been certified by FCC, TUV, ROHS, UL, and CE, making our products increasingly popular.


At Wissenergy, we are proud of our achievements in the development of innovative and cutting-edge electric vehicle charging solutions. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to create smarter and more efficient charging systems. Our products have received numerous certifications and awards, making us one of the leading providers in the global market.

  • 1.CE--WS001;WS002;WS003;WS004;WS007;WS008
  • 2.CE--WS020
  • 3.FCC--WS020
  • 4.CE--WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20A-7.2KW;WB20-7.2KW-RFID;WB20-7.2KW;WB20A-3.6KW-RFID;WB20A-3.6KW;WB20-3.6KW-RFID;WB20-3.6KW
  • 5.UKCA--WB20-22KW;WB20A-22KW;WB20-11KW;WB20A-11KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20-11-APP;WB20A-11KW-RFID
  • 6.FCC--WB20-RFID;WB20-APP;WB20-32A;WB20-40A
  • 7.CE--WB20A-22KW-APP;WB20A-22KW-RFID;WB20A-22KW;WB20-22KW-APP;WB20-22KW-RFID;WB20-22KW;WB20A-11KW-APP,WB20A-11KW-RFID;WB20A-11KW;WB20-11KW-APP;WB20-11KW-RFID;WB20-11KW

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